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Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are intensive corrective emotional experiences aimed at improving overall functioning in the person. Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis offer the opportunity to gain self understanding in a controlled environment with a trained professional. Emotional understanding of the self and others is crucial in breaking self-destructive patterns and removing blocks to gaining satisfaction in careers and relationships. Emotional understanding differs from intellectual understanding in that it is a process that takes the individual through a journey of maturation.

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are very similar but differ in length of time, modality and techniques. Psychotherapy can be long or short term treatment. Psychoanalysis is long term treatment aimed at profound character change (a minimum of two years). Psychotherapy can be individual, group or family. Psychoanalysis is individual work; however, psychoanalytic techniques can be employed in group or family work. Psychotherapy is more eclectic (drawing from many schools of thought). Psychoanalysis is Freudian or Modern Freudian. There are also many other post Freudian theorists. When conducting psychotherapy the patient usually sits, whereas in psychoanalysis the couch is usually recommended. In short, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are “talking cures” both are valuable and effective, but differ in philosophy and intensity.